What accountable advertising means

Accountable. It has become a buzz word. But there is good reason that it has.

Think about it. Being accountable means, “to be held responsible for a specific task”. Shouldn’t everyone, and every business tactic, be accountable? Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Branding vs Marketing

Two terms that many people use interchangeably are “branding” and “marketing”. While they both affect one another, there are big differences between them. The biggest difference being accountability.

Companies invest time and money to develop their brands. And this investment is not ill-spent. Branding is a very necessary thing. However, it is hard to translate the cost involved with developing a brand to direct ROI.

For example, does seeing a Pepsi commercial make you want to buy a Pepsi? Maybe. Does seeing that Pepsi commercial effect your buying patterns once you are at the store? Possibly. Does Pepsi see a lift in their sales when they are actively promoting their brand? Likely. But can Pepsi tie the purchase of one can of soda to one airing of a commercial? No.

Art and science of direct response

When you hold marketing dollars accountable it means that it must show a return on investment. This is done through direct response. Luckily, direct response media has evolved and we have a myriad of tools at our disposal. Direct mail, email, and the entire digital landscape make it possible to track advertising and how customers respond to it.

This is where 1327 Consulting excels. We understand how to create target audiences; we craft tailored content; we cultivate strong testing environments; and we love numbers.

Test…learn…test again

Every test provides a positive outcome. It may not always be in the form of a positive ROI, but each test will garner results. And that is a positive. This data will be used to make better decisions in the future. So, when exploring accountable advertising start small, start smart, build bigger, and end strong.

Small changes can yield big results – but only if you know where to look. Take a look at our case study to get a taste. Then give us a call today: 402.884.7334

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