What is the significance of 1327?

The numbers 13 and 27 have always had starring roles throughout the owner’s life. The most significant are centered around the important people in her life: Her daughter and she were born on 13’s; and her late husband and current partner both share 27 birthdays.

Where is the agency located?

The main office is located in the greater Omaha, NE area. However, team members reside around the US, with many in the Chicagoland market. We can be available to travel on a short-term basis dictated by the project’s scope.

What’s with the 773 phone number?

The owner spent the majority of her career in Chicago. Since many business contacts have retained that information, we felt it was necessary to keep this number active.

Is the team available for full-time or long-term assignments?

In short, yes. We are available for anything from a short-term, single project to a full-time, long-term assignment. Once we discuss your scope, we will work together to determine the level of assistance needed.

What are your rates?

Our rates are calculated based on assignment scope. Sometimes they are based on an hourly fee, other times it will be a flat fee. We can also engage in a monthly retainer. Regardless, we will both agree to the terms prior to any work commencing.

Why consultancy work?

While the owner loved her time in an agency, she reached a point in her career when she needed to become the boss. She created the business mantra, “Life is short. Love where you work.” and set out to do just that.

Why aren’t we working together already?

I don’t know. You tell me: Email us today.

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