Production Management


In response to a growing prevalence and consumer concern about identity theft, a credit card company partnered with a credit reporting agency to offer an Identity Protection Program. We worked closely with the product development team and the partnership team to establish a detailed and scalable welcome kit fulfillment product and process. The  kit was one of the fulfillment pieces of the program and was highly versioned for the different types of customers.


The challenge was to establish a format and process to produce and distribute highly-personalized welcome kits in very small numbers with a view to exponential scalability once the program’s marketing efforts took hold.

Working with our preferred vendors, we established stringent protocols for data flows. It was also important to ensure that effective security mechanisms and measures were in place to protect customer information.


A booklet format was designed to hold varying amounts of customizable and static information. The format was optimized for every segment and their special information needs. Due to the complexity of the available offers, the booklet was designed to include inter-changeable pages that corresponded to various offers. In addition, a matrix was created to manage the assembly and production of the different versions.


The first offline Identity Protection Program Welcome Kits launched flawlessly with success for both entities. Enrollments increased weekly as sales and marketing efforts rolled out.

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